Crime and the Press in the 19th Century

June 2021

Or, That Time When Risking Total Obliteration Was Supposed to Keep us Safe

May 2021

Surprises from the United Workers of Norwich (CT)
This is April's newsletter (really).

March 2021

A while back, I ran across the item-level inventory of Benjamin Douglas’s library in his 1775 probate record. It included no fewer than 60 titles, many…

February 2021

Historical Notions #3

November 2020

An item from my collection.

October 2020

Greetings, patient subscribers! No doubt many of you have forgotten you subscribed at all. A few may be puzzled to receive this from Substack; you…

June 2019

Being some ramblings about a Civil War letter and a World War II photograph

May 2019

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